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CMS is a local family owned Bonne Terre Mo Retaining Wall contractor you can trust that specializes in keystone and natural stone Landscaping Walls. We work hard at bringing you affordable, beautiful environmentally friendly landscapes, customized for you. Our Goal is to make you smile every time you pull in the driveway or glance out your patio door.
Enjoy the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. A retaining wall can be purely functional, decorative, or a combination of both. Fundamentally, it prevents two or more structures from coming into contact. Most often, retaining walls are used to prevent soil or gravel from spilling over into protected areas such as driveways and patios, but they are beneficial in many other respects as well. For example, if you have a small yard and want to make it look more imposing, a well-placed vertical retaining wall will separate your landscape into levels and add depth.

We offer retaining walls in all shapes, sizes and materials in Bonne Terre Mo 63628 area. We do everything from residential to commercial projects. We specialize not only in various types of pavers and stone as well but also in natural stone, keystone, flagstone, interlock systems, concrete walls and massive border walls as well. Every one of our retaining walls is expertly crafted and guaranteed to keep your landscape looking beautiful and well-preserved, year after year. Take a look at our pictures and see for yourself. If you'd like to know what type of retaining wall would best fit your home, please contact us for a free estimate. Call 573-315-3070

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